• Ed Lundberg

The Tedious Process of Correctness

The editing process along with presenting a correct theological viewpoint is slow, meticulous, and tedious. However, the driving questions that are always present are as follows:

  • Who is Mark, the author of this writing and why is it anonymous?

  • What was the background of this author?

  • Were there more than one person involved in this writing, was it a group project?

  • What was the reason or purpose of this writing?

  • How long did this gospel take to write, and what research was conducted in preparation?

  • To whom was the author writing too, who is the audience?

  • If the audience is known to have been illiterate and will only experience this work through hearing an oral presentation, why is the literary construct so complex?

  • How was the writer of this gospel certain that his complex, two level literary approach was received and understood by his audience?

  • Was the writer aware of Paul and his theological viewpoint?

  • How did this writing become known to other churches and result in mass copying?

  • How much different is the received text from the original autograph?

  • What happened to this author after his work was received and copied?

Unfortunately we might never know the answer to many of these questions.

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